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The Essential Jim Moses
Is A Fantastic Dj / Full Range Professional Singer / Versatile Guitarist Animated & Fun Emcee / Magician

I was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts U.S.A; On Thanksgiving Day Nov 27, 19 something? I was the Oldest of ten brothers and sisters, six boys, four girls. I am single never been married, no children.

My father and some of my brothers including me were longshoremen down at the docks in Gloucester. I hated it. Working 10 hrs a day Hauling 80-100lb. blocks of fish onto wooden pallets, 10 boxes across by 10 layers high. Wearing Hard Hats and insulated clothing, the hull of all the boats were big freezers! And full of 80lb. frozen boxes of fish! Very Cold. Most of the guys were hard working animals, and I wasn’t . My Dreams were far away from the docks. Music. Singing. Entertaining People. That’s where my heart was since I was born. I came out of my mothers womb tapping, anything that could be tapped on. Butter knives used as drum sticks banging on my mothers electric stove. Yellow no. 2 pencils tapping on the desks at school. Singing the songs I heard on the radio. And being painfully shy as a boy, music was my best friend!

Fast Forward to Gloucester High School Graduation. I graduated in 1972 from Gloucester High with a 4.0 average. (Blood alcohol level)  Just Kidding!!! I was happy to Graduate. I went to college at Wentworth Institute in Boston on Huntington Ave. I even got a little high school scholarship to go there. Graduated with an Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering.